Singer-philanthropist Manika Kaur’s ode to Diwali night

Singer-philanthropist Manika Kaur’s ode to Diwali night

Manika Kaur, a devotional singer, songwriter and philanthropist, offers a moving rendition of songs to celebrate the Festival of Lights spirit with the 'iGlobal' DiwaliFest2020.

The Australian-born kirtan artist has been breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries in the male dominated, traditional world of kirtan with her new sound reaching a wider audience.

Since her debut album ‘Bandhanaa’ in 2008, produced by legendary Bhangra star Sukhbir Singh, Kaur has become the fastest-selling contemporary Sikh solo artist in the world, pioneering a new era with many following her lead.

Kaur received several awards for her work including the Sikhs in Entertainment Award in 2016 at The Sikh Awards.

Manika’s fresh take on kirtan and the potential for mass appeal was demonstrated when her album raised over £300,000 for charity.

In addition, Manika’s music has made a huge impression on the World Music Charts for Europe, amassing over 11 million YouTube views.

Manika has dedicated herself to re-imagining and introducing the world to the beauty of the sacred Sikh musical form, kirtan, most notably with renowned hand shadowgraph artist Amar Sen on her video dedicated to Guru Ram Das in 2012, which also won best short film the following year at the prestigious Sikhlens (Sikh Arts and Film Festival SAFF) in California. In 2014, ‘Bandhanaa’ was released by US label Invincible Recordings as Satnam Waheguru.

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