INSA UK joins iGlobal campaign calling on Indian students to Register to Vote

INSA UK joins iGlobal campaign calling on Indian students to Register to Vote

In this special column, the Indian National Students Association (INSA) UK joins hands with iVOTE’s community interest campaign to encourage British Indians to Register to Vote in the July 4 General Election before the deadline of 18 June 2024.

Voting is the cornerstone of democracy and every eligible citizen's vote holds immense value. For Indian students resident in the UK at the time of the July 4 General Election, exercising their right to vote is crucial in shaping their future. By registering to vote, students can actively participate in the democratic process, making their voices heard on issues that impact their lives and the country's trajectory.

Registering to vote empowers students to play a pivotal role in electing responsible leaders and holding them accountable. It enables them to influence policies concerning education, employment opportunities, and societal development. By being part of the electoral process, students can contribute to building a more inclusive and progressive United Kingdom.

Participating in elections instils a sense of civic responsibility and fosters a culture of active citizenship among the youth. Joining the INSA UK and iVOTE campaign will encourage students to stay engaged with political affairs, engage in discourse, and make informed decisions that affect themselves and future generations.

INSA UK is running a vigorous student voter registration and mobilisation drive ahead of the upcoming General Election in the UK. Recognising the importance of youth participation in the democratic process, INSA has been actively encouraging Indian and other international students to get themselves on the electoral register and make their voices heard at the ballot box.

UK-based Indian nationals, as a part of the Commonwealth, have the right to vote in UK elections and thus will play an important role in many of the seats. Through a series of informative sessions, social media campaigns, and peer-to-peer outreach, our association is keen to engage students about the significance of exercising their franchise.


INSA UK joins iGlobal campaign calling on Indian students to Register to Vote
Why our British Indian vote matters

INSA have provided step-by-step guidance on the registration process, addressed common concerns, and highlighted the potential impact that student voters can have on key issues such as education policies, job prospects, and community representation. Our campaign has garnered significant support from the university administration, faculty members, and local community organisations, underscoring the importance of fostering an inclusive and participatory democratic culture on campus.

As international students, we may feel disconnected from local politics, but the reality is that the decisions made by the elected government directly impact our lives. By voting, we can influence policies that shape our academic and professional lives as well as the overall experience of being an international student in the UK.

Amit Tiwari is President of the Indian National Students Association (INSA) UK.


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