A millennial tarot reading trend that aims to spread positive vibes

A millennial tarot reading trend that aims to spread positive vibes

Tarot cards have long been a part of our society, dating as far back as the 15th century. In the modern-day context, these deck of cards being used for the purpose of reading the past, present or future has had a revival of sorts, with a whole new generation of millennials embracing and popularising the technique through social media channels.

Putting one’s faith in tarot readings is a matter of personal choice but it is the wider goal of spreading positive vibes that has attracted wide interest.

‘iGlobal’ caught up with British Indian expert Jessica Gill, among a growing number young enthusiasts drawn to this spiritual form – be it for a reading or as a reader.

Spiritual calling

Gill feels she has always had a calling to the spiritual world. As a child, she would find herself drawn to horoscope readings and her sense of intuition proved startlingly accurate. The self-styled mindset coach is now on a mission to use her psychic talents to help others.

The 21-year-old UK-born spiritualist is a firm believer in the power of positivity and is often found sharing ways to block out negative energy and spreading positive vibes through Instagram.

Gill feels her life’s purpose is to help others and at one point thought about becoming a physiotherapist after her brother broke his leg and was unable to play sports. But she found that her calling was not in healing of the physical kind but instead honing the ability to read people’s energy and advice and guide those who come to her to a place of light and positivity.

She recalls: “From as young as I can remember, I was always interested in astrology. I used to love reading horoscopes – mine, my parents and sibling’s.

“I would read into characteristics of the signs, do my research, figuring out my moon and rising signs. And the more I learned about it, the more I started applying it to other parts of my life, such as compatibility with friendships and it would make sense as to why I didn’t get along with certain people.”

Art of reading

She discovered her reading abilities only once she visited a tarot reader for a reading herself.

“I was told by the lady I have abilities and could read cards. She advised that I buy a Goddess Energy Oracle deck and do the readings on myself.”

Gill began doing readings on herself and decided to test her abilities on a friend. “My friend was amazed by everything I told her. Although friends, we never went into any depth about each other’s personal life.

“When you find what your life’s purpose is, everything else just flows. You do not understand where it came from, or how you exactly came to that realisation but everything else just falls into place naturally.”

Helping others

Having struggled with depression and anxiety since high school, Gill is now in a place where she says her vibrations are lifted, she is happy and positive and ready to help others achieve the same outcome.

Through her website Discover Oneness, she says she wants to share her knowledge of the spiritual world, address matters of the mind and how one can improve one’s mindset. She explores crystals, health and wellness, relationships, and astrology among other topics.

“There are so many parts to truly understanding one’s self and learning to connect with the spiritual realms has made a huge positive difference in my life.”

But her purpose as a reader goes beyond just reading the messages and channelling the energies that she receives.

“As a reader offering advice, it allows opening up and for people to talk about things – whether that be the struggles they are facing or relationships as an example. When I do my readings, a lot of the time I look at things such as if this individual goes down this route what could happen.”

Wellness and spirituality

In recent years, spirituality and spiritual tools being used in wellness spaces have become common place. Gill explains how a tarot reading in itself can be a form of wellness and a healing experience, for the receiver and for the reader.

“Whenever I do a reading on someone, a part of me heals. I am not a completely fixed person who is absolutely great 100 per cent of the time. But when I help others I also help myself because I am able to see their situation as something that I’ve experienced previously and I have to take that kind of advice I’m giving them for myself as well.”

The impact of coronavirus on one’s health – physical, emotional and mental – is another added dimension for her now.

“For me, it was such a positive thing as it gave me that time to put into actions things that I have always wanted to do,” says the astrology enthusiast, who spent two full days working on her ‘Law of Attraction’ book before publishing it.

The ‘Law of Attraction’ (LOA) is a phenomenon where one uses the power of their mind to translate whatever is in their thoughts and materialise them into reality.

Addressing misconceptions

Some of the topics included revolve around laws of attraction and resonance. Addressing misconceptions around LOA, she explains that it is both easy and not easy to do

“You have to completely be in a meditative and positive state for you to attract anything good in your life. And it is all about manifesting things that are in your birth right and soul’s purpose.

“In the guidebook, I’ve really tried explaining that and made it apparent. I have received an overwhelming number of messages from clients on how the guidebook has helped them, and they have been able to attract certain things.”

On a personal level, Gill shares that the lockdown period gave her more of a chance to grow and discover newfound reading talents.

“I started off all my readings with oracle cards as I am a very critical thinker, and I don’t like to say things if I’m not 100 per cent sure about them. But during quarantine, I was able to build more faith in myself and do readings using tarot cards.”

Oracle cards are generally used as a way to offer guidance and provide clarity on a situation. Tarot cards, as Gill explains, involve a certain number of cards and can mean a million things.

She has recently taken to TikTok, where she shares weekly element readings and is currently working on a gratitude book and a chakra guidebook.

“Potentially a podcast in the works,” she says.

by Preeti Bali

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