A radical Grapefruit Salad from Radikal Kitchen

A radical Grapefruit Salad from Radikal Kitchen

I am food consultant, nutritionist, digital content creator and a flavour enthusiast. In this new ‘iGlobal’ column, I will be bringing you special treats to try your hand at from Radikal Kitchen – which stands for flavours without borders; my journey exploring, enjoying and experimenting with flavours and foods from around the world.

I was born and grew up in India before moving to the UK in 1987. The idea behind Radikal Kitchen is to curate bespoke culinary events for food brands and companies and offer recipe development, cookery and spice masterclasses. More recently during the lockdown, my work covers online team building and cooking workshops for companies.

I’m passionate about health and good food and am on a mission to spread the message that you don’t have to compromise on taste and flavours to eat food that is healthy. I have been running healthy cooking workshops which are culturally relevant, focusing on diabetes prevention and management for South Asian communities in London.

I learned to love food when I was probably a toddler and my journey into the world of flavours started at a very young age.

Being half Punjabi, quarter Bengali and quarter Mangalorean, I grew up in a home with a myriad of spices and flavours. My mum’s kitchen was traditional yet radical. No two meals were from the same Indian region. I was fascinated by the way she cooked and used spices. It was like she was conducting an orchestra. The end result of it was delicious, perfectly balanced meals. She never cooked from recipes and cookery books. She was innovative and creative – and this is what I have learnt from her.

Radikal Kitchen is an extension of me, my love for food and flavours. It stands for flavours without borders. It is not defined by cuisines or regions. It is about exploring and combining flavours from around the world to create simple and delicious food. My husband is half Spanish and half German. This took me into another culinary adventure.

I love food. I love cooking. I love adventure. Radikal Kitchen is a journey exploring, enjoying and experimenting with flavours and foods.

My recipes are like stories, which are brought to life and shared in the making and telling. I am inspired by the stories, people’s experience of cooking across different cultures, and the way they use ingredients and spices to bring a dish alive and tell their story. I love this evolving culinary journey and this constant culinary osmosis. I love creating and cooking food that is fuss free, delicious and healthy.

Radikal Kitchen is all about having fun with flavours!

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