Author In Me unleashes women’s collective force to inspire, empower

Author In Me unleashes women’s collective force to inspire, empower

A collection of empowering stories entitled ‘I AM’, which capture the inspiring journeys of brave women from diverse cultures, countries and backgrounds bound together by their collective passion of storytelling and sisterhood, recently had its UK launch.

Author In Me (AIM), in collaboration with All Women’s Club, hosted the event in London last month along with the co-authors of the book from around the world. ‘I AM’ documents the incredible stories of 35 women from all across the world who articulate their sheer ability of manoeuvring through the hurdles of life confidently by shedding light on their transformative moments. These are narratives of hope, resilience and strength which encourages us to tap into the infinite warrior energy which is present within us.

As Monica Sood, co-founder of Author In Me, says: “We truly wanted to share the message that when women support women, the collective force has the power to inspire and empower.”

From being make-up artists, florists, fitness trainers to corporate leaders and healing practitioners, these ladies have carved a niche for themselves by breaking glass ceilings and achieving extraordinary personal and professional milestones. They believe in thriving in adversities by deeply engaging with their emotions and embracing their individuality.

Manifested by the all-women creative, editorial and publishing team, the book is a powerful initiative to bring together individuals from different walks of life by giving them a platform to share their compelling stories with the world and celebrate their distinct identity.

Ekta Bajaj, publisher and co-founder of AIM, explains how ‘I’ and ‘AM’ are two very powerful words as she captures the essence of the book: “The way in which you choose to configure them determines the trajectory of your life. ‘Am I’ is a question whereas ‘I Am’ is an assertion. A confident mindset and a determined spirit are all you need to power through adversities and embrace your true self.”

The women who are featured in the book have reinvented themselves at an age when they were expected to settle by challenged regressive norms which led to their personal evolution. Their remarkable courage is a testament to the power which is latent in the indomitable human spirit which can move mountains if we learn to channelise our energies in the right direction.


Author In Me unleashes women’s collective force to inspire, empower
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Vini Bhati, the editor of the book, elaborates on the creative process and the vision of ‘I AM’ through an analogy of a magnificent garland which is the epitome of sisterhood.

She said: “For me, ‘I AM’ is like a stunning garland which we have meticulously created by bringing towards magnificent flowers from all over the world. Each flower radiates remarkable courage as well as resilience by presenting a transformative episode of exceptional change.

“And all of them are bound together by the collective fortitude to make the community better and happier.”

Next, ‘I AM’ will be launched in India as well as being showcased at notable literary festivals such as the London Book Fair this month and the AIM Literary Festival in November.


Author In Me unleashes women’s collective force to inspire, empower
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AIM is a multiple award-winning UK-based publishing company with a mission to empower diverse voices.

*Info: For a copy of the book, click here

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