Cine-Theatre brings ‘The Bose Legacy’ to Nehru Centre stage

Cine-Theatre brings ‘The Bose Legacy’ to Nehru Centre stage

Amiya Nath Bose was born in 1915 in a family of stalwarts. Vociferous protestors against British oppression, Amiya’s father Sarat Chandra Bose and uncle Subhas Chandra Bose often found themselves imprisoned or detained under some pretext or another, but the separation did not stop them from being connected to young Amiya. They wrote to him often. From prison cells and faraway lands, in good times and bad. Many words were censored and lost but some stayed, long after the people who wrote were gone, leaving behind a legacy that we read today.

It is this timeless story that will come to life on stage with actors Santanu Ghatak, Asif Ali Beg and Asmit Pathare at the Nehru Centre in London on May 3.

Co-writer and director of the play Nikhil Katara said: “The Bose Legacy was an enormous project that needed many years of research and development. From scripting the idea to having conversations with the Subhas Chandra Bose family, this project enhanced our understanding of the real Bose brothers.

“The men of letters. The men of ideology. Our show has now travelled and garnered appreciation in many Indian cities. It has taken various forms: That of a reading, a film and a play.


Cine-Theatre brings ‘The Bose Legacy’ to Nehru Centre stage
Nehru Centre in London can influence the world on the India way

“The play is a unique case study of leadership in the most adverse times. Something that is most relevant as a conversation today.”
Katara is from Mumbai and started his journey in theatre with his own production titled ‘The Unveiling’. He has a degree in philosophy from Mumbai University and teaches the B.Voc course Theatre & Stagecraft at Wilson College. He is the Artistic Director of Readings in the Shed and co-directed and acted in a film titled ‘Between You & Me’ which won a grant from the Asia Europe Foundation and was a part of the Lift-Off Filmmakers Festival.

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