Healing Our Earth: A special satsang to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami

Healing Our Earth: A special satsang to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami
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Shri Krishna is the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu, born in 3228 BC. Lord Krishna was born in an area and time of chaos.

Lord Vishnu, as the protector of the universe, incarnates himself to restore the balance good over evil. It was a time when persecution was rampant, freedoms were denied, evil was everywhere, and when there was a threat to his life by his maternal uncle King Kansa.

He was born on Ashtami (8th day of lunar fortnight) in the holy month of Shraavana, which falls in August/September. He was the eighth son of Vasudeva and Devaki, the sister of Mathura’s brutal King Kansa.


Healing Our Earth: A special satsang to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami
Dharma Discourses for the modern times

When Kansa learned about the prophecy that Devaki’s eighth son would be the cause of his death, he locked up both Vasudeva and Devaki in a prison cell. Each of their children met with the same fate: death in the hands of Kansa.

As per the instructions of a divine voice, Vasudeva carried Krishna on his head and walked all the way from Mathura to Vrindavan which was to be a safe haven for the new-born child. Yashoda and Nand took care of Krishna during his childhood days in Vrindavan.

Krishna’s acts of mischief and heroism, his encounter with Kansa and other monsters, his fame as Makhanchor (one who steals butter), etc are popular across India. Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Janmashtami, is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna.

This explanation comes from Dhruv Chhatralia BEM, who will be in conversation with Eve Mendoza on the Divine Leelas of Shri Krishna in time for this year’s Janmashtami. Healing Our Earth will host the Live Online Video session on Sunday, August 29, as a Satsang featuring inspirational shlokas and devotional singing.

It will explore the early life of Shri Krishna, who incarnated as the personification of the Supreme Being, and look at the inherent message Lord Krishna was trying to convey to mankind.

The session will be broadcast to several countries around the world on the following webpages:

Broadcast times for 29 August 2021:

USA (PT): ‪8am to 8.40am

USA (EST): ‪11am to 11.40am

UK (BST): ‪4pm to 4.40pm

Europe (CEST): ‪5pm to 5.40pm

Eastern Europe (EEST): ‪6pm to 6.40pm

East Africa (EAT): ‪6pm to 6.40pm

Middle East (GST): 7pm to 7.40pm

India (IST): ‪8.30pm to 9.10pm

Singapore (SST): ‪11pm to 11.40pm

Australia (AEST): 1am to 1.40am

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