‘iGlobal’ Conference: Dharma really is integral to business

‘iGlobal’ Conference: Dharma really is integral to business

Dharma can be described as a code of conduct by which humans strive to lead their lives in an enlightened and inspiring manner. So, can there be dharma in business? This was the central theme of one of the incisive panel discussions as part of the Conference segment of DiwaliFest2020.

“For me, I think the equivalent would be good governance,” explained Baroness Usha Prashar, Chair of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) UK Council.

Alpesh Patel, Chair of the City Hindus Network, reflected on Gandhian values and principles, which also tie in with a dharmic context to business, which covers the concept of sewa – or selfless service.

“How can we use business to solve some of the world’s biggest problems lies at the heart of this,” he noted.

Jasvir Singh, Chair of City Sikhs, declared that we are living through an age of darkness, which can be overcome only through dharmic means.

“Indian businesses stand out in this regard,” reflected Professor Atul Shah, from City University, London.

Catch the entire discussion between these thought leaders as they help decode the complexities of balancing profit-making with a dharmic way of life.

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