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Ayurveda on prescription, cultural nuance in healthcare on Indo-British Parliamentary Group agenda

Ayurveda on prescription, cultural nuance in healthcare on Indo-British Parliamentary Group agenda

British Indian MP Virendra Sharma hosted the 1928 Institute, based at the University of Oxford, in a virtual briefing for the Indo-British All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on their work.

The group has been looking into Indian diaspora attitudes and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on them. In a wide-ranging discussion at the briefing on the data being shared, MPs and peers from the APPG discussed the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccine hesitancy and racism, among some of the key diaspora issues.

Virendra Sharma MP, Chair of the Indo-British APPG, said: "The data we were shown was fascinating, broke some stereotypes and showed how little the media looks into tropes that are easier just to repeat.

“I am looking forward to working more with the 1928 Institute over the coming months and years, and we are already exploring opportunities for collaboration."

As a think tank led by Oxford University experts to research and reflect the views of British Indians as the UK’s largest ethnic minority group, the institute has been collating relevant data to create a picture of diaspora concerns.

"As a vibrant, pluralistic, and apolitical institution we want to research and represent British Indians and Indian affairs,” the 1928 Institute said.

Here are the key recommendations based on its initial research:


  1. Against the backdrop of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and Public Health England (PHE) merger to create a new UK Health Security Agency:

  • To investigate if, when, and how holistic healthcare such as Ayurveda can be provided on “prescription”

  • To add cultural nuance to physical and mental health care (guidance and provision)

  • To train all healthcare professionals in recognising the differing symptoms within our community

  1. Ring-fenced capital and resources in suicide prevention, especially related to men


  1. Widely disseminate information on how the government plans to assist low- and middle-income countries in vaccine distribution

  1. To create a taskforce that feeds into the UK-India trade deal. The objective of which is to ensure a fair and sustainable outcome, including accommodating for the needs of India's farmers and climate change concerns

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