Some tips to help unlock a happy gateway to student life in UK

Some tips to help unlock a happy gateway to student life in UK

India has overtaken China in British university enrolment. However, this flow of students catches the eyes of fraudsters as well, who prey on students in different ways. Here an Indian Research Scientist from Uttar Pradesh, now at Bristol University, offers some handy insights for new Indian scholars setting off on their higher education journey in the UK.

In the era of globalisation, when every corner of the world is more connected than ever, Indian students are at the forefront of exploiting the opportunities to study abroad. The UK has been a leader in academia for centuries. It’s home of the world’s top universities and has one of the most diverse subject offerings in the world.

According to latest statistics from Universities UK, an organisation representing 140 institutions, UK students continue to form the majority of undergraduates, comprising 85 per cent of the student population, while international students make up 39 per cent of all postgraduates. Indian students now represent the second-largest group among international students in the UK universities, comprising 770,000 of the total, a significant increase in the 2022-23 academic year.

Amit Tiwari, National President of Indian Nation Students Association (INSA) UK, said that students also benefit from exposure to various nationalities as well as ease of communication since English is widely spoken in India. Additionally, the option of a post-study work visa allows students to supplement their theoretical education with real work experience, which is an incentive to study abroad in the UK. In terms of employment options, students have access to world-class research and development and financial services industries as key options.

Economics games

While planning to move abroad for higher studies it is important to plan the expenses. Studying in the UK offers excellent value for your investment, with average costs being more affordable than in both the US and Australia. However, making a substantial financial commitment to your education demands careful planning. According to the British Council website: International undergraduate tuition fees range from £11,400 to £38,000, with an average estimated annual cost of approximately £22,200. Generally, undergraduate degree programs in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland have a duration of three years, while in Scotland, they typically extend to four years. International postgraduate tuition fees vary from £9,000-£30,000. The average cost is estimated to be around £17,109 per year.

If you’re an international student arriving in the UK without dependents, you should budget approximately £1300-£1400 per month for living costs in London or £900- £1300 in other regions of the UK. This amount will cover your accommodation, utilities, groceries, and various other day-to-day expenses throughout your study period.


Some tips to help unlock a happy gateway to student life in UK
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Guard your wallet

Individuals employing fraudulent tactics are constantly evolving their approaches to acquire your personal data, using various means such as face-to-face encounters, social media, emails, phone calls, and text messages. These scams leverage the latest technological advancements to obtain both information and funds from students in the UK.

Career prospects

Studying in the UK has the power to elevate your career opportunities through the infusion of new perspectives, inspirational ideas, critical thinking skills, and the attainment of a globally recognized degree. UK graduates consistently rank as some of the most sought-after professionals worldwide. "Especially when it comes to Master’s students, time is of the essence. Students should be focused on their career by thinking of three steps ahead. They should act in a way that assumes they have graduated college and are currently starting their careers. They will be forced to figure out who the potential employers are, what they want, and how to contact them," said Tiwari.


Some tips to help unlock a happy gateway to student life in UK
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In this context, platforms such as INSA provide students with assistance across different domains, including career guidance and networking, while also fostering their overall well-being. This ensures they stay connected to their Indian heritage and are nurtured as potential future leaders for the country.

by Vivekanand Tiwari

Vivekanand Tiwari, a member of the Indian National Students Association (INSA) UK, is a Research Scientist at the University of Bristol.

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