Indian PM Modi’s US State Visit is a triumph

Indian PM Modi’s US State Visit is a triumph

The State Visit to America last week by a sitting Indian Prime Minister was by all accounts very warm and marks a major shift in American foreign policy towards India.

Prime Minister Modi received standing ovations in both Congress and the Senate. As President of the G20, India is demonstrating that it is not after hard power but a strong believer in Interdependence. The West has a lot to learn, given its abject paralysis of fear and heavily militarised society.
The geopolitics of modern times are highly complex, and the diversity of India is never easy to govern, but Modi is doing it whether or not the West likes it. We know there are many enemies of Modi at home too, especially among the educated classes. America has now chosen to become a friend for its own agenda.

Modi is protecting India’s interests abroad and also singing the praises of its highly talented global diaspora. He is a nationalist with a big open mind. I see that as a strength. In contrast, civilised Britain has lost its strategic vision for both economy and society and its culture is profoundly broken.

‘The Economist’ magazine has recently done a major feature story on the 20-million Indian diaspora abroad and its huge educational, professional and entrepreneurial accomplishments. Central to this story is our culture, faith and community spirit which keeps us united, kind and optimistic. We are creative too and willing to share our success with others and participate actively in our neighbourhoods. As an example, over the weekend I went to the huge Rice and Spice multicultural festival in Colchester (small town England), which was initially kick-started by the Indian diaspora many years ago. Today it belongs to everyone.

We have become important bridges between the East and the West. This is never an easy task, but often we conduct it with such grace and warmth and with a large dose of humility and hospitality too. Our Dharma is to return anger and insecurity with kindness and generosity.

Long may it bear fruit to shape a peaceful society and environment for the whole planet.


Indian PM Modi’s US State Visit is a triumph
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Professor Atul K. Shah [@atulkshah] teaches and writes about Indian wisdom on business, culture and community at various UK universities and is a renowned international author, speaker and broadcaster.

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