Covid India: Brahma Kumaris European Director Sister Jayanti on healing touch

Covid India: Brahma Kumaris European Director Sister Jayanti on healing touch

Founded in 1937, Brahma Kumaris is the largest spiritual organisation in the world that is spearheaded by women. This spiritual university is on a mission to create a more peaceful space and a better world for everyone.

Sister Jayanti, the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris, illustrates the significance of self-consciousness: “A place where people come to study the inner working of the self. Understanding how mind, consciousness, awareness are all related to the things that we see in the world around us because there is a straight line connection between my awareness, my vision, my attitude, my activity and so the way I think can feel actually impacts the world.”

She remarks for a brighter future: “And so, by changing our consciousness to a higher awareness of the spiritual consciousness of the soul, we know that there can be a difference for the world out there. We can together create a better world. A world in which the future is a bright one for everyone and a world in which there can be peace and harmony for all.”

Better world

The Brahma Kumaris was among the first South Asian organisations to have received a general consultative status in 1982. Sister Jayanti explains: “The UN could see that our work is not only with inner peace and peace out there but all levels of our activity whether it is for young people or youth, for women, health issues, environment, all of our activities are towards creating a better world for all.”

The non-profit centre headquartered in Mount Abu, a hill station in India’s western state of Rajasthan, together with the GHRC Hospitals have been playing a significant role in treating Covid-19 patients to recovery in India by devoting their infrastructure, workforce and resources.

“We have been very deeply moved to hear the news of the pandemic in India and as such all our hospitals whether in Mumbai, Mount Abu or Abu Road have all been serving to help alleviate human suffering.”


Covid India: Brahma Kumaris European Director Sister Jayanti on healing touch
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Meals and healing

The Brahma Kumaris’ Mansarovar campus on Abu Road and the Brahma Kumar’s Anand Sarovar has been serving 500 and 100 beds respectively to those struck by the Covid virus. The J Warumull Global Hospital & Research Centre and RM Mehrotra Global Hospital Trauma Centre are also operating in their full capacity by providing not only treatment but also counselling and therapy sessions to their patients. These hospitals possess the only CT scan centre in the entire Sirohi district. In addition, they have been deploying mobile clinics to reach out to the villagers about Covid-19 and other related infections.

The Brahma Kumaris are catering to patients with vegetarian Satvik meals combined with coconut water, fruits and juices to boost nutrition.

“We are cooking meals and supplying around 600 patients three times a day because pure, nourishing food cooked in God’s remembrance is also very powerful in healing that it is able to bring.”


Covid India: Brahma Kumaris European Director Sister Jayanti on healing touch
We must not forget to look within for contentment and joy: Sister Jayanti

Mental well-being

Besides the physical aid, the organisation has been giving equal importance to the mental well-being of patients and families who have lost their loved ones to the pandemic.

Sister Jayanti notes: “But most of all we have been contributing with a power of thought. We know that human hearts have felt the pain of bereavement, separation and so at all our centres at 120 countries we have been having special meditations to send God’s love and light to everybody.

“So that in India but also the other places in the world that need that help and support, they are able to experience God’s love, that inner strength to fill them with courage and faith to be able to move on because surely all of us together are going to be able to overcome this pandemic and move to a stage in which we are able to experience peace and the joy of human interaction and connection once again.”

In Rajasthan, they have set up a post-Covid recovery clinic to help patients deal with the aftermath of Covid 19 and to restore their health.

“We hold that vision of a better place for all; a better world for all; and together with everyone’s cooperation it will surely happen. So, through funds, expertise of our nurses and doctors from all the different hospitals in different ways we have been able to contribute. But today we also want to share the power of love through our thoughts and awareness with the whole world.”

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