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Why healthy does not have to mean boring

Why healthy does not have to mean boring

We’re all so different to one another. We have different lifestyles, different jobs, different bodies and different goals – so why should we get fit and get healthy the same way?

That is the context behind Body Plot Ltd, which creates unique plans by looking at specific needs, lifestyle and goals.

So that people can see the incredible changes and also maintain it for life.

Sonali Dattani, is a Nutritional therapist, Level 3 Personal Trainer and a Level 3
Pre-and-Post-Natal specialist in fitness, and Shaf Hasnani, a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and a Level 3 Personal Trainer who has a special interest in pain management and lower back pain, are the experts behind Body Plot.

In this attached video, they run through some very crucial tips while sharing their own personal journeys towards striking the balance between healthy and tasty.

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