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Planned to Perfection: More than just a stress-free Indian wedding guide

Planned to Perfection: More than just a stress-free Indian wedding guide

It is quite a task to plan weddings under any scenario and with the Covid-19 pandemic related lockdown rules piling on added pressure, the stressful task is made even more complex. Wedding planner and author Meera Majithia stepped in to try and help hapless couple navigate this labyrinth with her new release ‘Planned to Perfection’.

In this special column for ‘iGlobal’, she gives some useful insights into simplifying the mega task of organising the perfect event.

Wedding planning is hard at the best of times, but this past year has really tested the patience of my fellow wedding suppliers, and of course brides and grooms worldwide. Though I pride myself on my great planning skills, even I couldn’t have quite planned the timely release of my brand-new book.

‘Planned to Perfection’ is written for Indian and Interfaith brides, who are looking for a modern approach to help plan their wedding. It’s no secret that couples could use an extra helping hand now more so than ever, given the financial, and emotional challenges they face. Whether they’re looking to get married in a luxury five-star city hotel or prefer something more rustic and stripped back, this book has everyone covered. As a champion of personality-led weddings, this sentiment is repeatedly echoed throughout the the book – which is stepping stone to my official signature bridal club.

We start off by looking at what needs to happen right after the proposal. Not many people would imagine so, but this is really where the whole process begins. So, here on in it’s important to have some sort of plan in place. From understanding what matters most, to digging deep and thinking about your dreamy desires, this book is a one-stop, full holistic approach that will not only help couples manage their emotions, but will also help with the practical elements of planning.

The key thing to remember is that planning a wedding should be fun and stress free. So, if at any point during the process someone finds this isn’t the case, then it’s a clear indication that something somewhere needs to change.

Simply writing a guide wasn’t my intention here. I wanted to create something special and heart-warming that couples were able to resonate with, which is why these practical tips are intertwined with a fictional story that follows the wedding journey of Rishi and Selena. A couple in love; from different parts of the country, different financial circumstances, and somewhat different ideas about their big day.

Readers are loving these characters so much, that they’ve actually asked if there is going to be a follow up.

by Meera Majithia

Meera Majithia runs the Indian and interfaith wedding planning company Carriages Weddings & Events. She also works as a bridal coach, podcast host, wedding consultant and runs a specialist private bridal club to help make wedding planning seamless.

*Info: ‘Planned to Perfection’ released worldwide December 11, 2020, and is available from all major online bookseller sites including, Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes and Noble.

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