Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK’s Hindu Mandir Network to inform, educate

Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK’s Hindu Mandir Network to inform, educate

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK (VHP UK) has launched a new Hindu Mandir Network (HMN) in the UK to increase networking, cooperation and collaboration between Hindu temples in the UK.

The main objective of HMN is to work together as a networking group to inform, educate, assist and strengthen the mandir as an institution to preserve, promote and protect Hindu Dharma, ideals and traditions in multicultural British society.

"Hindu Mandir Network is a project of VP UK and is formed after the very positive feedback received for such regular events in the UK following the historic first Hindu Mandir Executives Conference (HMEC) in October 2020. Hindu Mandir Network is a network of Hindu mandirs to support and learn from each other, not a separate national organisation," said Dr Tribhovan Jotangia, President of VHP UK.

The network, which formally launched on January 14 to coincide with the Hindu winter solstice festival of Makar Sankranti, will collaborate with Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB), Hindu Council UK, National Hindu Council of Hindu Temples and other such national bodies, in the UK and US, to improve communication between Hindu organisations.

Following encouraging feedback after the Hindu Mandir Executives Conference (HMEC) UK conference in October last year, HMN said it plans to organise regular webinars, meetings and online sessions on issues pertaining to Hindu mandirs. The network also endeavours to provide resources and information which is relevant to mandirs for their benefit and enhancement.

“Hindu Shiksha (knowledge of Hindu Dharma), Hindu Sanskar (development of good values) and Hindu Suraksha (protection of Hindu society) are the three major components of the work of VHP. Mandirs are central places for the Hindu society and we need to make them strong and ready to face the many challenges that affect us. The mandirs play a great role in building a very positive narrative of Hindus in this country through our unique cultural values and contributions which are visible, acceptable and respectable. HMN will help in that task," said Dr Jotangia.

VHP UK is a national registered charity with 11 branches across the country, including three temples. Its declared objectives are to protect, promote, preserve and practice Hindu Dharma and conduct activities.

*Info: Hindu mandirs are invited to connect with HMN through info.hmnuk@gmail.com

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