Bollywood star Aamir Khan fronts tutoring platform Vedantu

Bollywood star Aamir Khan fronts tutoring platform Vedantu

Bollywood actor, director and filmmaker Aamir Khan has been roped in to front the campaign for one of India’s leading EdTech start-ups and live online tutoring platforms, Vedantu.

With online learning becoming the norm, especially during the coronavirus lockdown, parents are on the lookout for solutions that help kids navigate complicated curriculum with ease, while making the whole experience enjoyable. Vedantu claims its new campaign aims to make quality live online learning seem accessible and appealing to all.

Fun learning

With a simple tagline of Samaj Aayega toh Maza Ayega, Maza Ayega toh Samajh Ayega [Learning will be fun], the film series conceptualised by the Script Room conveys the effortlessness of live online learning offered by Vedantu, including a live interactive platform, doubt solving, super coders, etc. The films are divided over interesting episodes – a day in the life of a very hands-on father, who is now made redundant thanks to Vedantu. Charmingly portrayed by Khan, the stories are told in a way that clears the apprehensions that any parent would have about online learning through wit and humour, giving insights into the live online learning process.

Shivani Suri, Chief Marketing Officer, Vedantu, said: “We aim to establish Vedantu synonymous to LIVE learning and revolutionize the online education in India through holistic experiences that foster effective learning. Our campaign is focused on reaching out to parents to address their valid concerns with respect to online learning through a series of very relatable films, which will resonate with them.

“Aamir Khan as a brand ambassador perfectly embodies the role of an involved parent while bringing his own charm to the character. The tagline itself is well thought of articulation of our brand promise and the learning experience.”

New normal

According to Rajesh Ramaswamy (Ramsam), Co-founder, The Script Room, it was a new and exciting concept that drew him to the project.

He said: “Almost every parent is coping and curious about this new way of education. It was important at this stage to highlight a lot of aspects on online education. So, we had to find an interesting way of using Aamir.

“Our idea was to convert all the fantastic features and benefits of Vedantu into interesting slice-of-life stories, rooted in some fundamental, easy-to-relate contexts. In fact, everyone including the Vedantu team, Prasoon and Aamir too were more like partners and collaborators on this project. We had a blast making this. It’s a joy to see Prasoon and Aamir together. So enthusiastic and full of ideas.”

The films are directed by Prasoon Pandey, who adds his personal touch to it.

He said: “The moment Ramsam narrated the core idea to me I knew I wanted to be part of the team working on it. That a father begins to get jealous of the bond developing between his children and Vedantu, made a charming and an endearing human story.”

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