British Indian rapper Premz creates big buzz with new single

British Indian rapper Premz creates big buzz with new single

South London rapper Premz released the first single Mogul Mind (Brown Love)? of his second album recently and it has already generated a huge buzz across social media.

Known for his unique fusion musical style, Premz has amassed over 2 million streams from adoring fans and listeners all over the world. His latest track has already been selected onto BBC Asian Network's B-List playlist, after having accumulated 130,000 views on YouTube.

Mogul Mind (Brown Love), produced by Ayo Beatz and Wavy Boy Smith, shares a powerful message of solidarity and unity between South Asian communities in a time of global crisis. With warm and earthy panoramic shots of India, captured in the distinctively artistic style of filmmaker Sachin Patel, the lyric video complements the intention of the song perfectly.

Deeper meaning

iGlobal caught up with Premz to learn more about the deeper meaning behind the song. When a community comes together and becomes one, the integration with other cultural communities will only then create a stronger force. Our power is in our love for ourselves and for each other. If we stand together, there are no limits to our capabilities.

Throughout Mogul Mind (Brown Love), Premz references finding a deep sense of inner peace on his first trip to India, which in turn inspired his fusion musical style. He speaks about being filled with pride of [his] history? and feeling a need to build [his] folk from the ground up because when [he] found home is when [he] found love.

The main message in the song can be summarised in Premz's final verse, in which he calls upon Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims to imagine what progress could be made for the next generation if all communities stood together in unity.

Imagine the royalty crowned with our features, a land full of loyalty, a land full of leaders. But how do we heal us I'll probably never understand the separation. We need a plan and some blessings for the generation."

Solidarity and love

The song samples a section from Youth Employment Summit President Poonam Ahluwalia's speech at Bibliotheca Alexandrina in 2011: "Our first value is collaboration. The second value is learn from others. Why do we want to make the mistakes that others have made? Now we have the knowledge to understand what makes things work. So learn from others. Be ready to teach what you know. Be ready to hold hands and work together. All of this is embedded in solidarity and love."

Having been successfully self-employed for over 10 years, Premz has a keen interest in trading and financial markets. Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, he has been supporting his online fans with videos about staying in good spirits and away from financial scams at a time when people are more vulnerable than usual.

After sharing a few thoughts on the new normal for entrepreneurs and business owners, he was inundated with requests for guidance on how to navigate through the inevitable upcoming recession. As a way of showing how money can be made with no capital, Premz has released new merchandise during lockdown, including a range of face masks branded with Prem (love), written in Hindi.

Between working from home and nursing a recent leg injury, which has left him in a cast and unable to make the most of eased lockdown measures, Premz is working on his second album, towards a release date in Autumn this year. Meanwhile, Mogul Mind (Brown Love), continues down the path to runaway success.

by Vidhu Sharma

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