Eros Now’s crime thriller ‘Halahal’ hits screens

Eros Now’s crime thriller ‘Halahal’ hits screens

What would a man do when he is informed about the sudden demise of his young daughter? As his world comes crashing down, the loving father is troubled with a barrage of questions that his intellect can't answer about his daughter's untimely demise.

Halahal, Eros Now's release this week, is a crime thriller inspired by true events that chronicle the journey of a father in the pursuit of the truth about his child's death. The filmmakers claim it will “numb you to the core”.

An untimely death, a determined father, a scrupulous cop, and the relentless chase to find out the truth. The film has power-packed performances by acclaimed Indian actor Sachin Khedekar, who plays the role of a distraught and resolute guardian, and Barun Sobti who plays the part of a police officer aiding him in this dangerous search.

Will Dr Sharma find out the mystery behind his daughter's death? Will they ever find the correct answers to all the questions that are tormenting the family?

Helmed by Randeep Jha and produced by Zeishan Quadri, ‘Halahal’ with its gripping storyline, claims it will keep audiences hooked to their screens till the last minute.

Eros Now is Eros STX Global Corporation’s On-Demand South Asian Entertainment Video Service, accessible worldwide to viewers across internet enabled devices including mobile, web and TV. With 12,000 plus movie titles, music videos, television programmes, it claims to cater to more than 205.8 million registered users and 33.8 million monthly subscribers worldwide, largely from the Global Indian diaspora.

Eros STX Global Corporation is a global entertainment company that acquires, co-produces and distributes films, digital content and music across multiple formats such as theatrical, television and OTT digital media streaming to consumers around the world. Eros International Plc changed its name to Eros STX Global Corporation following a July 2020 merger with STX Entertainment, merging two international media and entertainment groups and creating a combination of one of India’s premiere studios with one of Hollywood’s fastest-growing independent media companies.

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