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Winning hearts as UK’s first Bollywood Busker

Winning hearts as UK’s first Bollywood Busker

Music is often described as food for the soul and it is certainly the case for singer Vish. Born and brought up in the north Indian state of Punjab, Vish traces his passion for music back to his boyhood.

From singing along to English songs by popular artists like Justin Bieber and Drake back home in India to busking with Bollywood classics and chart-toppers in the UK, Vish has come a long way and, indeed, his musical journey has longer to go still.

Sometimes, a guitar and a stereo are all you need. For Vish, taking guitar lessons simply intensified his already strong pull towards a singing career. With hope and aspiration reverberating in his dazzling voice, the UK offered the budding young artist the ideal space to explore his talent and pursue contacts in the music industry.

“I've always wanted to be an English singer,” he reflects, with Harry Styles among his many inspirations.

However, with Bollywood playback singing also a dream, Vish counts Arijit Singh on his list of inspirations in the pursuit of musical fame too.


Winning hearts as UK’s first Bollywood Busker
On juggling and fitting all the artistic impulses in

He shares: “I have become more interested in Bollywood beats after I began busking in the UK. I used to sing English songs, but this year people began coming up to me on the streets requesting for Bollywood music. I did sing a few and got excellent feedback thereafter.”

Thus kick-started his branding as the UK’s first Bollywood busker, but the crooner is equally determined to grow his fan base in other genres of music. He cherishes the precious moments of passers-by singing and dancing along to his melodies, played to a schedule that occasionally kicks off at 11pm and goes on until 3am in the morning over the weekends.

“A considerable lot join in and shake a leg. Those are some of the best days or nights I’ve had,” he recalls.

Not all nights are delightful, however, as Vish sheds light on some of the nasty encounters that street performers have to face at times.

“Well, there will always be those who dislike you and can be harsh, but you must remain strong. You must understand how to handle the circumstances without engaging in conflict. I also had a lot of unpleasant situations in these two years, but I never got into a fight.

“In a recent Instagram video that I posted, someone attacked my friend and I as we were singing.”


Winning hearts as UK’s first Bollywood Busker
‘Mumbai Masala’ brings Bollywood spice to the London stage

But he has stayed the course towards his ambition of making it in the music industry. His words of advice to those striving towards such a career goal: “Do what your heart says. Earn from what you love and never give up.”

As someone who strongly believes that every song has its unique own vibe, the Oxford-based musician has clocked over 100,000 Instagram followers and more than 20 million views with his renditions so far. The smile they bring to people’s faces is what will keep him going to multiply that even further as the Bollywood Busker.

*Info: Vish Music

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