Afghan women soldier on for rights under Taliban

As the Taliban continue to tighten their grip on Afghanistan, reports of harassment and brutalities against women have started emerging from the country. However, despite the grave threat from the outfit, scores of women are holding demonstrations in cities across the country, demanding rights being denied to them.

Writing for The Times of Israel, geopolitics expert Fabien Baussart said that the current state of affairs in the country is contrary to promises made by the group.

"All this go against the earlier promises made by the Taliban before capturing Kabul that it would respect women's rights and allow them to access education and work. This has made women furious, leading them to start a fight with the Taliban to protect their rights," said Baussart, President of Centre of Political and Foreign Affairs.

Violence against Rights activists and protesters in Afghanistan has become common after the Taliban captured the country. A Human Rights activist Habibullah Farzad has been brutally beaten by the Taliban for participating in the protest held by women in Kabul, according to media reports.

Women protesters demanded equal rights and decision-making roles for Afghan women in the country.

Another rights activist and journalist, Saira Saleem, who earlier raised her voice against the oppression of the Taliban, informed that the terrorist group's members are searching for her.

Recent scenes of barbarity in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover have exposed the devastating state of human rights in the war-ravaged country.

Baussart believes that defying the orders and challenging the ultra-radical and brutal Taliban is a bold step by the Afghan women.

Meanwhile, a number of the former border police were seen on their jobs at Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan alongside armed members of the Taliban on September 12. People of Afghanistan have been asking the Taliban to recall former government employees, as they are familiar with the country's governance system.


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