Brexit underlined India, West Midlands partnership: Mayor Andy Street

The Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, has highlighted how Brexit has underlined the partnership between the region and India.

In an interview with ‘Daily Express’, the Mayor reflected on the many benefits of the 2022 Commonwealth Games for Birmingham, given Britain's Commonwealth links, and reiterated how post-Brexit trade with India was also set for a boost.

He said: “I think post-Brexit – and this would have happened with or without Brexit – but it is definitely strengthened by Brexit, trade with the Commonwealth will grow and the biggest potential of all is with India.

“So, we are working hard on what we call the West Midlands India Partnership, and obviously, our biggest company here, Jaguar Land Rover, is owned by the Indians, Tata.

"We are seeing Indian businesses invest behind the West Midlands, so there is a huge trading opportunity, which Brexit really underlines with India and other Commonwealth countries.”

The Mayor described Birmingham as the “lead brand” for the national story, backed up by the West Midlands India Partnership — an economic initiative to boost UK-India trade relations. Since the Partnership launched last year, it has sought to build on existing Indian investment in the region.

The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham next year will be an 11-day sporting extravaganza. Thousands of athletes from across the globe will compete in the Games, which are expected to attract thousands of visitors to Birmingham and the West Midlands.

As well as the tourism benefits, Mayor Andy Street said there would be a great positive impact of such a large-scale event on Britain's international reputation.

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