Canada condemns Khalistani groups for 'promotion of violence'
Courtesy: ANI

Canada condemns Khalistani groups for 'promotion of violence'

Reacting to Khalistani supporters putting up posters of Indira Gandhi's assassination, Canadian Public Safety Minister Dominic Leblanc emphasised that promoting violence is never acceptable in the country.

On Saturday, Indian-origin Canadian member of Parliament Chandra Arya also expressed similar concern over Khalistani supporters in Canada putting up posters of Indira Gandhi's assassination.

Arya claimed that the Khalistani supporters are once again attempting to "instil fear of violence in 'Hindu-Canadians'" by putting up posters of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination, showing bullet holes in her body with her Sikh bodyguards turned assassins holding guns.

The Canadian member of parliament, Arya, further recalled the similar float of threats that were spread a couple of years back.

The Canadian member of parliament said that if this continues to remain unchallenged, it might lead to something real.

"With picture of guns readily being used to convey the message may lead to something real if this is left to continue unchallenged," he said on X.

Adding to this, Arya emphasised that the prominence of Indira Gandhi's bindi on her forehead was to make "doubly sure" that the intended targets were Hindu-Canadians.

"The prominence of the bindi on the forehead of Indira Gandhi is to make doubly sure the intended targets are Hindus in Canada," he wrote.

Notably, the recent pro-Khalistani incidents have led to the souring of India-Canada ties.

Last month, some Khalistani supporters chanted "anti-India slogans" during the Nagar Kirtan Parade organised by the Ontario Gurudwara Committee (OGC) in Canada.

On this, the Ministry of External Affairs expressed a strong condemnation regarding the float used in the Nagar Kirtan parade in Ontario and said the "celebration and glorification of violence" shouldn't be accepted in a civilised society.

Notably, multiple incidents of Khalistan extremism have been reported in Canada over the past few years.


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