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Eric Garcetti takes charge as US Ambassador to India

America's Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, who assumed office last Tuesday was excited to work together as a team to further the US-India relationship.

Showing his eagerness to serve as US Ambassador to India, Garcetti said that he "can't wait for the work that we will do together."

"Thank you so much. President Biden asked me to lead this mission because he understands in his heart what an important moment this is in history and between the United States and India. And I want you to know how personally he cares about this mission. I want to thank you for your heart, I want to thank you for your work, and I want to thank you for the way that you connect our two countries together and embody that every single day. I can't wait for the work that we will do together. Bless you all, and I look forward to the months ahead," he added.

The US Embassy in India had been without an ambassador since January 2021, which is the longest stretch in the history of US-India relations that the post has remained vacant since Kenneth Juster, the last US envoy in New Delhi, stepped down after the change of government in America.

The Senate on March 15 confirmed the former mayor of Los Angeles, Eris Garcetti, to be the US ambassador to India.

Garcetti won the mandate by a vote of 52 to 42, a major victory for US President Joe Biden as well, who stuck by his political ally in the face of the allegations and the prolonged process that has left the world's most populous democracies without US representatives.

After the result, Garcetti said in a statement, "I'm thrilled with today's outcome, which was a decisive and bipartisan decision to fill a critical post that has been vacant for far too long. Now the hard work begins."

"I'm deeply grateful to President Biden and the White House for the confidence and support throughout this process, and to all Senators on both sides of the aisle -- whether they voted for me or not -- for their thoughtful consideration. I'm ready and eager to begin my service representing our critical interests in India," he added.

Earlier, the Senate voted 52-42 giving the advantage to the former Los Angeles mayor's nomination.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee also voted in favour of the former Los Angeles Mayor to become the ambassador of India. The panel approved the nomination by a vote of 13-8, with Republican Senators Todd Young and Bill Hagerty joining all of the committee's Democrats in voting in favour of Garcetti.


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