Gujarat Day festivities light up London's Leicester Square
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Gujarat Day festivities light up London's Leicester Square

Leicester Square in London transformed into a colourful spectacle on Wednesday as the spirit of Gujarat Day swept through the heart of the city. Organised by the Inspiring Indian Women group, the festivities marked the cultural richness of Gujarat, captivating attendees from various backgrounds.

The square pulsated with energy as lively Garba performances took center stage. From traditional dancers to enthusiastic participants, the rhythmic beats of Garba music resonated throughout the area, inviting all to join in the celebration.

One of the women celebrating Gujarat Day at Leicester Square shared details of the celebration and said, "We are here celebrating Gujarat Day at Leicester Square because we want the world to see India's culture. We are celebrating Gujarat Day with Garba and lot of people dancing with us. Also congratulations to Maharashtra, Gujarat which were founded today. We are here celebrating and spreading the message of peace and Love."

Earlier today, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also extended his wishes on the occasion of Gujarat Day and recalled state's rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit of people.

"On this auspicious occasion of Gujarat State Foundation Day, I recall the state's rich cultural heritage, remarkable achievements and vibrant spirit of the people. Best wishes to all the citizens with the prayer that Gujarat will always prosper with the values of entrepreneurship, adaptation and inclusive development....!!!" PM Modi posted on X.

May 1 is celebrated as the foundation day of Maharashtra and Gujarat commemorating the establishment of the two states. Gujarat and Maharashtra were formed in 1960 dividing the state of Bombay after the Bombay Reorganisation Act was passed that came into effect on May 1, 1960.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, the Indian community of Britain's population of 62.3 million, the population of Indian origin is estimated to be around 1.8 - 2 million, accounting for the single largest segment of the ethnic population. Over the years Indians have performed extremely well in various fields.

The majority of the second generation have opted for higher education and are in white-collar professions such as doctors, engineers, solicitors and chartered accountants. The present Parliament of the UK has 8 Indian-origin MPs and 24 Indian-origin Lords. In addition, there are over 180 Indian-origin Councillors elected to Councils across the UK.


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