India, China commanders hold military talks

Indian army and Chinese military commanders are going to hold the 14th round of military commanders-level talks.

On being asked about what could be expected from the meeting, Defence expert Maj Gen (R) SP Sinha said, " It's my personal precision and belief that nothing substantial is going to come out. The primary reason for this is that China's intention is not correct". "China believed in expansion policy and one palm and five finger policy. One palm is Tibet and fingers are Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Ladakh. China has not abdicated this thought process or strategy and therefore there can be no permanent peace in Ladakh," said Sinha.

He further said, "We want a solution and peace, but China does not want peace. China is not prepared to give up its territorial design. China claims Arunachal Pradesh as South Tibet. All this is a playground with history. There is no historical proof that this place of land has ever belonged to China and therefore what should we do."

"We should reply to China in the language China understands. China only respects the power of the gun, the strength, military muscle power, and this was proved when in Pangong Tso. We occupied the mountain tops like blacktop, helmet top, Gurung Hill. China was forced to withdraw because that was a very strategic vantage point for us that gave us a view of Moldo Garrison," said the Defence expert.

"We were able to dominate Moldo Garrison. That was the worry point for China and therefore we should continue to deploy a matching capability in terms of developing infrastructure, troops deployment, quality of the military equipment that we deploy and with my appreciation of the 17 corps which was raised there is a need to make it fully operational so that the complete focus of 17 corps should be China centric and especially Ladakh centric," added Sinha.


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