India emphasises peacebuilding role at UN

After the recent deaths of peacekeepers in Congo, India emphasized peacebuilding and sustaining peace at the United Nations Security Council.

"The Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) should exercise its convening role more effectively. It must involve itself more proactively in the activities of the Peacebuilding Fund to address the financial deficit, said Ambassador R Ravindra, Charge d'affaires, at UNSC. India has acknowledged PBC's significance since its inception and deeply appreciated its advisory, bridging and convening roles.

"Our perspective on addressing conflicts has undergone a paradigm shift; from resolution, reconciliation and recovery to prevention and reconstruction," said Ravindra.

The Indian envoy focussed on sustainable development, inclusive economic growth, and political processes which form an integral part of conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts today.

"We believe PBC needs enhanced support and increased focus from the member-states in fulfilling its mandate. We emphasize that inclusivity is cardinal to advancing national peacebuilding objectives. An exclusively donor-driven approach to peacebuilding may not be the most prudent path to follow," said Ravindra.

He further said that enhanced financial support for peacebuilding activities should be merit-based.

India has always played a constructive and significant role in the context of peacebuilding through its extensive development partnership with countries of the Global South.

"Going forward, India will continue to be a force multiplier for peacebuilding efforts. We hope that these efforts will continue to be always driven by a "people-centric" approach," said the Indian envoy.

Two Border Security Force (BSF) personnel on a UN peace-keeping mission in the Democratic Republic (DR) of Congo on July 26 succumbed to fatal injuries they had received during violent protests.

The Border Security Force (BSF) Director General and all ranks on Wednesday expressed condolences on the demise of HC Shishupal Singh and HC Sanwala Ram Vishnoi, deployed with the UN Peacekeeping contingent (@MONUSCO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Both the deceased personnel were from Rajasthan and held the rank of head constable.

Two platoons of the BSF, comprising 70-74 personnel, had been deployed in the area and were inducted in May.


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