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India joins France-led 5-nation Navy exercise in Indian Ocean

France-led 5-nation naval exercise (India, US, Australia, Japan and France) La Perouse kicked off its third edition in the Indian Ocean.

"France-led 5-nation naval exercise La Perouse has kicked off in the Indian Ocean. Ships of India, United States, Australia & Japan Navies have joined the French Navy helicopter & shared commitment to rules-based Indo-Pacific," tweeted French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain.

La Perouse Exercise is a multilateral naval exercise aimed at improving interoperability between navies and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between participating nations.

The exercise provides an excellent platform for participating nations to hone their operational and tactical skills in a multinational environment, better understand each other's maritime methodologies and enhance their ability to operate together.

India's participation in 2021 completed the QUAD (India, USA, Australia and Japan) force representation in the French-led Naval Exercise.

The Indo-Pacific is slowly but surely turning into a serious Naval Theatre for multi-national activities with a vision to establish a free, open, inclusive, and rule-based ordering of the Indo-Pacific to support the freedom of navigation and peaceful cooperative use of the seas.

The goal is to respect and adhere to international laws like the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and peaceful resolution of territorial sea disputes.


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