India, Nepal begin 14-day Surya Kiran military exercises

A 14-day joint military exercise, 'Surya-Kiran 15' of India and Nepal, began in the frontier district of Pithoragarh, India.

A battalion of the Nepal Army and a battalion of Garhwal Regiment from India are participating in the 15th edition of the exercise. On September 20, more than 650 soldiers from both countries gathered at the Friendship Ground of the Army here.

The main objective of the 15th joint military exercise between India and Nepal is to establish military relations in inaccessible mountainous areas by the soldiers of both countries, as well as to provide humanitarian assistance under disaster management and to get training in anti-terrorist operations.

"Every year, there is a battalion exercise. One year it is in Nepal and, one year it is held in India. It is an exercise in which we will establish military relations between the two countries. To provide counter-terrorism training and to provide humanitarian assistance, medical evacuation under disaster management, we will be conducting this exercise," said Lt General of Indian Army, S S Mahal, VSM.


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