India slams Pakistan, China on terror record at UN

India slammed Pakistan and China on terror and said that the international community should collectively call out those who provide safe haven to terrorists and stand with them including in the UNSC sanctions regime.

"We must collectively call out those who provide safe havens to terrorists as also those who stand with them and come to their defence including in the UNSC sanctions regime," Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra said during a UNSC briefing in New York.

Describing the changing scenario of conflicts in the present time, the Foreign Secretary further said that the nature of conflicts has undergone paradigm shifts and it has become more complex and uncertain.

"Today both the political and security environment and the nature of conflicts have undergone paradigm shifts. It has become more complex, uncertain, volatile and unambiguous," Kwatra said.

During the briefing, he also laid emphasis on UN peacekeeping missions and said that the need of the hour is a holistic approach and highlighted India is an active member of the peacebuilding commission.

Regarding the situation of peacekeeping and peacebuilding globally, India, as the world's largest democracy believes that representative and inclusive governance structures will help stabilize peace and safeguard fundamental rights.


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