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India true leader on world affairs: Australian Speaker on Parliament-20

Australian Speaker Milton Dick has highlighted the growing stature of India in world politics.

Milton Dick, in an interview with ANI said that the coming days wherein the Parliament-20 meeting of the presiding officers of the G20 nations will be organised will be 'exciting'.

"India is a true leader when it comes to world affairs. I am really looking forward to catching up the speakers from around the globe who are going be meeting here from tomorrow. The main business of course will be on Friday. We had productive discussions already with the members of the Lok Sabha. Today, I am with a foundation that is doing a remarkable work in policy areas to ensure that interaction, most importantly, outcomes are there," Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives said on Wednesday.

He further said that having discussions on sustainable development goals in the summit is a 'privilege' for him.

"So, it will an exciting couple of days and for myself, a huge privilege to be representing Australia but most importantly, explaining to my colleagues the importance of our actions on climate and sustainability," Milton Dick said.

The Parliament-20 meeting of the presiding officers of the G20 nations - where presiding officers of 25 countries and 10 Deputy Speakers from the G20 member nations and invitee countries are expected to attend - will be held at the Yashobhoomi, the India International Convention and Expo Centre at Delhi's Dwarka between October 13 and 14.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the P20 on October 13 in the national capital.

The four high-level sessions will be organized during the P-20 Summit including accelerating Sustainable Development Groups, sustainable energy transition, transformation in people's lives through public digital platform and women-led development.

Milton also termed the recently passed the women's reservation which seeks to provide 33 per cent reservation to women in the Lok Sabha and state Assemblies by the Indian Parliament is a 'very positive step'.

"On the question of the female representation, that is very positive step. We have been following the issue as a nation very carefully. At present Australian government, 52 per cent are women - the largest we have ever seen. Our parliament is working hard to improve the role of the women - people from different backgrounds, diverse backgrounds, first nations people are being represented in the parliament and certainly the members of parliament that I have encountered here in India and those who visited Australia have been so impressed by their commitment to diversity and also the inclusion and partnership of women in senior leadership roles of course including a female Indian president," he added.


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