Indian Americans back US decision to ban race-based admissions

United States (US) Supreme Court ruling is a step towards equality and all applicants will be under the same umbrella, said an Indian-American while reacting to the Court's decision to nullify race-based admission programs.
On Thursday, the US Supreme Court struck down race-based admission programs at the University of Harvard and the University of North Carolina, reported The Washington Post. Avant Kothari, an Indian-American from New Jersey supported the Supreme Court's verdict.

"Everyone works hard to attend a school where they can thrive regardless of race. All students go into college with their dreams and aspirations. If certain schools, especially the highly-competitive ones, have quotas and different standards for certain races, it makes the entire process of college admissions unfair. I believe that college admissions should be based on the experience, the character/personality a person brings to a school, and the drive to succeed," he said.
Avant further said that it is a step towards justice. He added, "I am not saying race should be neglected but solely using race for college admissions is unjust. Many people argue that this Supreme Court ruling is a roadblock toward racial justice, but I strongly believe it is a step towards equality. Now, all applicants will be under the same umbrella where bias will not exist."
"This ruling affects the corporate world," Avant said adding, "I believe, if colleges are required to adopt a new system as such, corporate America won't take long to follow and implement the same."
Another Indian-American who is a senior at Stanton College Prep High School from Jacksonville, Florida, expressed relief and said that colleges can no longer discriminate against me and millions of other Indians and Asians for their race. "We will simply be admitted based on our merit and abilities and what we can provide for the college. Now the playing field has been levelled. This is one of the best things that has happened for equality in modern American history."
In a self-recorded video, Dhananjay Goyal, another Indian-American who just finished his Master's in Business Administration at Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, said that he would be personally in support of any solution which helps us move towards greater forms of justice as a society, helps compensate for past wrongdoings, as well as brings in elements into the classroom which help us, as students learn better.


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