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Indian Minister in Italy for strengthening defence ties

India's Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, engaged in talks with his Italian counterpart Defence Minister, Guido Crosetto, in Rome during the first leg of his official visit to Italy and France.

These discussions laid the groundwork for enhanced defence cooperation between the two nations, touching upon various crucial aspects of their partnership, the Indian Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

The high-level meeting between Rajnath Singh and Guido Crosetto saw deliberations on a broad spectrum of defence collaboration, including training initiatives, the exchange of information, joint maritime exercises, and bolstering maritime security.

However, the primary focus of the talks was to explore opportunities for advancing defence industrial cooperation.

Both ministers acknowledged the complementary strengths and capabilities of India and Italy in the defence sector.

They discussed the potential for joint development projects and emphasised the importance of fostering interaction between Indian start-ups and Italian defence firms, reads the statement.
This collaboration aims to leverage the innovative potential of Indian tech companies and the expertise of Italian defence enterprises.

Following the productive discussions, the two ministers signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the field of defence. This pivotal agreement is set to foster bilateral collaboration in a wide array of defence domains, including security and defence policy, research and development (R&D), military education, maritime domain awareness, the exchange of defence information, and industrial cooperation, read the press release.

Notably, the agreement encompasses co-development, co-production, and the establishment of joint ventures, signifying a comprehensive commitment to mutual growth and development in the defence sector.

Rajnath Singh's visit to Italy commenced with an official Guard of Honour ceremony at Villa Madama, underlining the importance of the visit and the strong bilateral ties between India and Italy, adds the statement.

Upon his arrival at Ciampino Airport, the Defence Minister was warmly received by Dr Neena Malhotra, the Indian Ambassador to Italy, and senior Italian officials, highlighting the warm diplomatic relations between the two nations.

This exchange of high-level visits, discussions, and agreements underscores the commitment of India and Italy to furthering their defence cooperation, with a shared vision of enhancing security, technological advancement, and strategic partnerships on the global stage.


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