Indian Minister Jaishankar lays out 'India Way' at T20 Summit in Mysuru

Addressing the participants at the Think20 (T20) Summit in Mysuru, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Tuesday highlighted that India's way is to make the world 'India ready' and ourselves world ready.

In his virtual address at the T20 Summit, the EAM said, "India Way is to make the world ‘India ready’ and ourselves ‘world ready’."

He posted a link of the video of him delivering the address at the summit and said: "Virtually interacted with participants at the #T20Summit in Mysuru. An engaging discussion reflecting on the G20; today’s challenges; key issues and our focus in the grouping. Highlighted that the India Way is to make the world ‘India ready’ and ourselves ‘world ready’."

Jaishankar emphasised that the G20 is now a more important organisation than it may have been in the past due to the split inside the UN Security Council.

"...We genuinely believe that the overwhelming majority of members of the UN today want to see change. And it's a very small group of countries who do not want to do that and who, in a sense, are manipulating the system..," Jaishankar said.

"Multiple challenges confront the G20 today. There is a North-South divide and an East-West disconnect, Covid's impact across sectors, the Ukraine conflict, a debt crisis, and trade disruptions. These factors have impeded efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to undertake climate action," Jaishankar added.

Stating that multiple challenges confront the G20 grouping, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that India adopted an unconventional approach to its Presidency, making it much more connected with people.

A major highlight of the second day of the Think20 (T20) Summit in Mysuru on Tuesday was a virtual address by Jaishankar, followed by a high-level interaction with him.

Speaking on India’s G20 Presidency, Jaishankar said that there have been “some achievements, some work in progress, and some hope in progress”.
The T20 is an official Engagement Group of the G20 and serves as an “ideas bank” for the G20 by bringing together think tanks and high-level experts to deliberate on relevant policy issues. Observer Research Foundation (ORF) is serving as the T20 Secretariat during India’s Presidency of the G20.

Jaishankar said that given the immense value of the G20 as an international grouping, “India must ensure a focus on the right issues and come up with an actionable consensus”.

The external affairs minister emphasised that it is crucial that the G20 remain unified and cohesive, with “open discussion among all members, irrespective of their other affiliations”.


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