Indian PM Modi sets healing, harmony, hope as G20 mantra

As India's G20 presidency commenced on December 1, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the tone of India's G20 presidency on the great spiritual premises of Indian philosophy and called for a paradigm shift that focuses on human-centric globalisation.

"India's G20 agenda will be inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented, and decisive. Let us join together to make India's G20 Presidency a Presidency of healing, harmony and hope. Let us work together to shape a new paradigm - of human-centric globalisation," PM Modi said in his December 1 blog post.

Now as India takes the mantle, PM Modi wondered whether the G20 could catalyse a fundamental mindset shift, to benefit humanity as a whole - a shift from a zero-sum mindset, fight over territory or resources, weaponization of essential goods etc?

"Some may argue that confrontation and greed are just human nature. I disagree. If humans were inherently selfish, what would explain the lasting appeal of so many spiritual traditions that advocate the fundamental one-ness of us all?" he asked.

He further added, "India's G20 presidency will work to promote the universal sense of oneness. Hence our theme: One Earth, One Family, One Future."

Addressing media persons before the start of the first day of the Winter Session of Parliament, PM Modi said, "It's the first day of Winter Session. This session is important because we met before 15th August. 75 years of Independence completed on 15th August and we are going ahead in Azadi ka Amrit Kaal. We are meeting at a time when India has received the opportunity to preside over the G20."

"The manner in which India has made a space in global community, the manner in which expectations with India have risen and the manner in which India is increasing its participation on global platform, at a time like this, India receiving the G20 Presidency is a huge opportunity," PM Modi said.

"This G20 Summit is not only a diplomatic event, but it is also an opportunity to showcase India's capability to the world. Such a large country, mother of democracy, such diversity, such capability-it's an opportunity for the world to know India and for India to show its capability to the world," he added.


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