India's G20 Summit historic: UN General Assembly President

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) President, Dennis Francis on Wednesday appreciated India's G20 presidency this year and said that India under its leadership has reminded the countries of their responsibility to save the world.

"India's recent G-20 presidency centred around the theme of Vasudeva Kutumbhakam, marked a historic Milestone and echoed the message of one earth, one family, one future. It was under this theme that India has reminded us of the one very singular world that we call home and of our responsibility nay of the necessity to protect it," he said.

While speaking at the 'International Conference on Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' in UN headquarters,. UNGA President Francis also condemned the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas which claimed hundreds of civilian lives and left thousands wounded.

President Francis added, "I have spoken clearly in condemning the escalation of violence in the Middle East and the associated alarming deaths of innocent civilians on both sides. Clearly, the deteriorating security situation runs contrary in any shape or form to the concept of One World. One Family and indeed to the cherished principles of unity and solidarity."

He said further, "Around the world people are suffering and increasingly wary of conflict strife and vulnerability from the impacts of conflict to the climate emergency from pandemics to supply chain disruptions. Our era is becoming more volatile by the hour, and as always it is the weak and the vulnerable who are most impacted."

President Francis stated the importance of unity & solidarity in these challenging times and highlighted that this theme of "One World, One Family" resonates with the need for global support.

He added, "It is in times like these of great alarm and distress that we often find it within ourselves to come together, whether out of the need for solidarity or for solace or both. It is entirely human to seek out community of support. I therefore deeply appreciate the leadership of India in reminding us of this important truth."


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