India's logistics should move at cheetah speed: PM Modi

On a day Prime Minister Narendra Modi released wild cheetahs - which had become extinct from India - in Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, he drew a link between the speed of the animal and the pace at which India should improve its logistics.

"There is a connection between the launch of the National Logistics Policy and the release of cheetahs on the same day. We want our logistics to move at the same speed as the Cheetah. The country wants to move at the same fast speed," he said at an event where he launched the National Logistics Policy. Prime Minister Modi, who turned 72 today, released cheetahs flown in from Namibia, at two release points in Kuno National Park. The cheetah is considered the fastest land animal.

Noting that India has become the fifth biggest economy overtaking the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister said the country is transforming.
"Today we are the world's 5th biggest economy. The country is transforming," he said.

"Pehle hum Kabootar chhodte the, aaj Cheetah chhod rahe hai" (first we use to release pigeons, now we are releasing cheetahs," he said.

PM Modi further said that the policy is a well-thought and has been made after hard work of eight years.

"The National Logistics Policy is well-thought and has been made after hard work of eight years. And if I talk about myself, my experience of 22 years is connected with it," he said.

"Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) was launched today. This will ease the logistics services for the exporters. ULIP will integrate all the services related to the transportation sector on one single platform," PM Modi added.

India's logistics policy is aimed at bringing down the logistic costs and improving the competitiveness of domestic goods in the global market.


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