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No accused will be spared: Indian PM Modi on viral Manipur video

A pained Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the violence in the north-eastern state of Manipur for the past two months.

Speaking with reference to a viral video that showed two women being paraded naked in the region, PM Modi said: "I am filled with pain and the incident is shameful for any civil society.

"No accused will spared, we will never forgive those who are behind this."

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Monsoon session of Parliament that begins in New Delhi on July 20, he said: "This a shameful incident for any society..who did this and who is responsible is another issue but this has put our nation to shame.

“I appeal to all chief minsters to tighten law and order. Whether it is Rajasthan, Chattisgarh or Manipur... the issue of a woman's honour is above all politics.”

Meanwhile, several Opposition MPs had given notices in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for discussions on the situation in Manipur, arising from a fresh controversy around the gruesome video.

Meanwhile, according to sources, the government has asked Twitter and other social media platforms to pull down the video as the matter is under investigation.

Manipur has been witnessing violence since May 3, following protests by the Kuki and Naga communities against the High Court's order asking the state government to consider the inclusion of the Meitei community in the category of Scheduled Tribes (ST). Only STs can buy lands in hilly areas.

The majority Meitei community, which occupy the Imphal valley and nearby areas, sought the ST status keeping in view their increasing population and increased requirement of land, so that they could purchase lands in the hilly areas.

The Indian government has planned heavy legislative business for the Monsoon session of Parliament, with the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill among 31 bills on its agenda.
The session will continue until August 11 and there will be a total of 17 sittings.


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