Operation Kaveri: Indian PM meets tribe evacuated from Sudan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with members of the Hakki Pikki tribe, who were evacuated from Sudan under Operation Kaveri, in Shivamogga.
The evacuees profusely thanked the Prime Minister for the proactive steps taken by the government for ensuring their timely and safe evacuation.
They recounted the tough circumstances faced by them in Sudan and how the government and Indian Embassy ensured their safety.
They said, "The government ensured they did not get even a scratch, and it was all due to the efforts of the Prime Minister."
PM Modi recalled how the forefathers of the community members stood alongside Maharana Pratap.
He said, "In the whole world if any Indian is in any kind of difficulty, the government does not rest till the problem is resolved."
He said that some politicians tried to politicise the issue, and our concern was that if they expose where Indians are hidden, they may face greater danger. So the government worked quietly to ensure everyone's safety.
PM Modi asked them to remember the strength of the country which has stood up for them. He asked them to always be ready to help those in trouble and contribute to the society and country.
As many as 3,862 persons were rescued from strife-torn Sudan under Operation Kaveri, which has now come to a close. The Government of India, under the leadership of PM Modi, had launched Operation Kaveri to rescue the Indian nationals from conflict-ridden Sudan.


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