PM Modi hails hi-tech approach to pilgrimage in India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that along with pilgrimage sites, hi-tech infrastructure has been also developed across the nation.
While addressing a gathering in Uttar Pradesh's Sambhal on the occasion of laying the foundation stone of Shri Kalki Dham, PM Modi said, "Today, on one hand, our pilgrimage sites are being developed, and on the other hand, hi-tech infrastructure is also being created in the cities."

"If temples are being built today, then new medical colleges are also being built across the country," he added.

"Today, with the devotion of revered saints and the spirit of the people, the foundation of another holy place is being laid. Now I have the privilege of laying the foundation stone of the grand Kalki Dham in the presence of all of you. I am confident that Kalki Dham will emerge as another great centre of Indian faith," the Prime Minister said.

He also hailed the country's achievement in terms of foreign investment.

"Today our ancient sculptures are also being brought back from abroad and foreign investment is also coming in record numbers. For the first time, an Indian citizen, no matter which corner of the world he is in, feels proud of himself. The wave of positive thinking and confidence in the country is amazing. Therefore, today our power is also infinite and the possibilities for us are also immense," the Prime Minister remarked.

PM Modi reiterated his call for 'Ram Rashtra' saying that a new journey is beginning for India for the next thousand years adding that Kalki will determine the course.

"Now a new period has started from 22nd January. When Lord Shri Ram ruled, his influence lasted for thousands of years. Similarly, with the enthronement of Ram Lalla, a new journey is beginning for India for the next thousand years," PM Modi said.

"Like Lord Ram, Kalki's avatar will also determine the course of thousands of years. We can say that Kalki is the initiator of change in the cycle of time and is also a source of inspiration," he added.


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