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PM Modi launches India's new prime ministerial museum

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the 'Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya' will become a source of inspiration for future generations and the youth will be able to witness the difficulties each PM faced.
Speaking at the inauguration of Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya, PM Modi said, "PM Sangrahalaya will become the source of inspiration for the generations to come. Here, our youth will be able to witness the hardships each Prime Minister faced and how they overcame it all to lay the foundations of New India." He also said that the museum dedicated to the country's all Prime Ministers since Independence will also reflect the living reflection of the shared heritage of each government.

"Today PM Sangrahalaya has also become a living reflection of the shared heritage of each government that served the country," the Prime Minister said.

Notably, before the inauguration, PM Modi bought the first ticket to make his way inside the museum.

"Guided by the vision of PM Modi to honour the contribution of all the Prime Ministers of India towards nation-building, the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya is a tribute to every Prime Minister of India since Independence, irrespective of their ideology or tenure in office," Prime Minister's Office press release stated.

Further, it was informed that the Sangrahalaya is an inclusive endeavour led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aimed at sensitizing and inspiring the younger generation about the leadership, vision and achievements of all Indian Prime Ministers.

The design of the museum building is inspired by the story of rising India, shaped and moulded by the hands of its leaders. The design incorporates sustainable and energy conservation practices. No tree has been felled or transplanted during the course of work on the project. The logo of the Sangrahalaya represents the hands of the people of India holding the Dharma Chakra symbolizing the nation and democracy.


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