Russia-Ukraine: India reiterates stance against hostilities

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made India's position clear on the Ukraine conflict at the G7 summit where he reiterated that there must be an immediate end to the hostilities and a resolution should be reached by choosing the path of dialogue and diplomacy, said Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra.

Replying to a question on India's stand on Russia-Ukraine conflict, Kwatra during a press conference said, "On Russia-Ukraine, PM made India's position clear including an immediate end to hostilities; dialogue & diplomacy to resolve the situation." Foreign Secretary Kwatra also highlighted that PM Modi has spoken with the world leaders on the knockdown effect of the conflict in Eastern Europe on the food security crisis, especially on the vulnerable countries.

"PM also put forward knockdown effect of the conflict on food security crisis, especially on vulnerable countries," Kwatra said.

Ever since the war started on February 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been appealing to both Russia and Ukraine for peace and an end to hostilities.

Earlier, PM Modi intervened and had spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin and suggested that a direct conversation between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine may greatly assist the ongoing peace efforts to deal with the ongoing conflict.

PM Modi had also spoken with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and expressed his deep anguish about the loss of life and property due to the ongoing conflict.

During a press conference, Kwatra said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence at the G7 summit showed that India's presence is valued by all and that India is looked upon as a solution provider by all. You would have seen the body language and camaraderie of leaders with our PM."


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