Sikhs voice concerns over neglect of gurdwaras in Pakistan

The Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (PSGPC), tasked with managing and maintaining Gurdwaras in Pakistan, is facing criticism from the Sikh community for its perceived neglect of these sacred places. The concerns raised by the community reflect their deep devotion and reverence for these holy sites, Khalsa Vox reported.

One of the primary concerns highlighted by Sikh devotees is the deteriorating structural condition of a Gurdwara associated with the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak Dev. These Gurdwaras hold immense historical and religious significance for the community, making their neglect a matter of grave concern. Preserving the historical and cultural value of these sacred places demands careful maintenance.
Another alarming issue pertains to the quality of food served to pilgrims in the Langar, the community kitchen. Langar is an integral part of Sikhism, where all visitors are offered a free meal, regardless of their background. It embodies Sikh principles of equality, selfless service, and community. Reports of stale food being served raise questions about the PSGPC's commitment to upholding these principles and catering to the well-being of pilgrims, both spiritually and physically, according to ‘Khalsa Vox’.

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A recent and symbolic concern is the removal of Shri Nishan Sahib from atop the Langar Hall. Shri Nishan Sahib is the Sikh religious flag and holds great significance for the community. Its presence atop the Gurdwara is not just a religious symbol but also a source of pride. Its removal has left many questioning the PSGPC's understanding of the cultural and religious importance attached to such symbols.

Adding to the disappointment of the Sikh community is the PSGPC's lack of responsiveness. Despite multiple attempts by community members to engage with PSGPC President Amir Singh and other committee members through WhatsApp groups, their questions have gone unanswered. This lack of communication only intensifies the growing frustration among devotees seeking answers and action.

The Sikh community in Pakistan has already faced significant challenges due to repeated persecution. However, it is essential to acknowledge that Sikhs have been an integral part of Pakistan's cultural fabric. Their dedication to their faith and the preservation of their cultural heritage is admirable. It is imperative that the concerns of the Sikh community are addressed sincerely and urgently by the PSGPC and relevant authorities.

Neglecting Gurdwaras, serving subpar Langar food, and removing religious symbols should not be taken lightly. These issues underscore Pakistan's neglect and mistreatment of its minority communities. Pakistan must take immediate and meaningful steps to address the concerns of its Sikh community. Upholding the sanctity of Gurdwaras and respecting the religious and cultural heritage of minority communities is not just a duty but a reflection of a nation's commitment to inclusivity and unity, ‘Khalsa Vox’ reported.


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