Stay away from panic: Indian PM Modi's words of advice for students

Interacting with board exam students at the fifth edition of 'Pariksha Pe Charcha', Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised them to stay away from panic and appear for their tests in a festive mood.

"You are not giving exams for the first time. In a way, you are exam-proof. Thus, do not be stressed. Remember, you have overcome such exams before," said PM Modi at the event held at the Talkatora Stadium. He further said, "There is no one sitting here who is appearing for exams for the first time. We have become exam proof by repeatedly sitting for exams after equal intervals of time. Exams are a stepping stone in our life."

Urging students to stay away from an environment of panic, the Prime Minister advised students to appear for examinations with full self-confidence.

"I want students to stay away from a panic environment during exams. No need to copy friends, just keep doing whatever you do with full confidence and I believe all of you will be able to give your exam in a festive mood, without any stress," said PM Modi.

Referring to the widespread usage of online mode of education since the onset of the COVID pandemic, the Prime Minister said, "Students should introspect themselves while studying online, whether they actually study or spend time watching reels on social media."

"Whatever happens offline, same takes place online. This means the medium is not the problem. Irrespective of the medium, if our mind is delved into the subject, then it won't make a difference is grasping things," he added.

The Prime Minister also assured the students that the queries of students that will remain unanswered during the programme due to time crunch will be answered by him on the Namo App.

"Today's program is particularly special to me as I meet you all after a long gap," added PM Modi.

Pariksha Pe Charcha is an annual event in which the Prime Minister responds to questions related to examination stress and related areas posed by students in his uniquely engaging style in a live programme.


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