Taliban health minister to visit London to discuss humanitarian issues

Taliban's acting Minister of Public Health Qalandar Ebad will visit the United Kingdom and is believed to discuss humanitarian issues along with other relevant matters, according to Afghanistan local media reports.

This is the first time that a Taliban delegation will visit London after they took control of Afghanistan in mid-August last year. Ebad's visit comes a day after the Taliban's acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Motaqi left Kabul for Doha and is supposed to meet with Doha-based European diplomats.

The visits and meetings with global organisations come as no country has yet recognised the interim government of the Taliban.

It has been nearly six months after the Taliban recaptured power in Afghanistan, but they have not been recognised by any country yet.
Taliban, who are desperate to seek international recognition, and have time and again been reminded that respect for women and human rights, establishing inclusive government, not allowing Afghanistan to become a haven of terrorism are the preconditions for the recognition set by the international community.


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