Think tank ranks India highly on inclusivity scale

India has been ranked as number one among 110 nations for its inclusivity measures towards religious minorities, as per the Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA) inaugural assessment on global minorities.

The Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA) is a research institute, having its headquarters in India's Patna. Among 110 nations, India has the highest level of religious minorities acceptance, followed by South Korea, Japan, Panama, and the US. Maldives, Afghanistan, and Somalia are at the bottom of the list, with the UK and the UAE coming in at positions 54 and 61, respectively, the report said.

India's minority policy is based on an approach that emphasises diversity enhancement, according to the CPA report.

India's Constitution contains specific and exclusive provisions for the advancement of religious minorities in culture and education. According to the report, there are no explicit provisions for the promotion of linguistic and religious minorities in any other Constitution.

The report highlights how, unlike many other nations, there is no restriction on any religious sects in India.


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