UK Envoy says task force working to counter Khalistani extremism

Talking about the Khalistan issue, United Kingdom High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis said that whatever happened at the Indian High Commission in London is not okay and he understands the anger over that incident.

"In the case of extremism and specifically on the Khalistan issue, I think there is no disagreement that what happened at the Indian high commission was absolutely not okay. We look at extremism not in relation to any one particular group of people but overall. Extremism is a risk in any country, certainly a risk in mine. We have a very broad toolkit on how to deal with extremism," Ellis said at an event.

On dealing with extremism the UK envoy said on one end there is arrest and criminal prosecution but it's about a lot more than that which includes attacking disinformation and misinformation.

"We had a task force with India where people are working together to understand better the nature of risks and threats inside in relation to Khalistan extremism amongst others and that is continuing. So I completely understand the anger here about what happened," he added.

In March this year, Khalistan supporters in Britain vandalised the Indian High Commission in London. A pro-Khalistan protestor in London had climbed the High Commission of India's balcony and pulled down the Indian flag. A video of the same incident had gone viral on social media.
The Indian community on March 19 held a large gathering in front of the Indian High Commission in London against the "disrespectful act" of Khalistan supporters towards the Indian flag and demanded that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and the British government act against the perpetrators at the earliest.


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