UK-India air forces undertake Cobra Warrior Exercise

Indian Air Force Balakot operations fame Mirage 2000 took part for the first time in the United Kingdom multi-national exercise Cobra Warrior 2023 at the Waddington air base.

On being asked if the aircraft Mirage-2000 used in 'Cobra Warrior' is the same that was used in Balakot operations, the team leader for the Indian contingent in exercise cobra warrior, Group Captain M Gangola said:

"These are the same machines. They remain very capable aircraft for modern warfare." IAF is participating with Five Mirage-2000 jets, two C-17 Globemaster-III strategic airlift planes and one IL-78 mid-air refuelling aircraft, along with around 100 IAF personnel, flew from the Jamnagar air-base for the exercise at Waddington in the UK.

Sharing his experience of the multinational participation, Gangola added: "The experience has been very enriching. We've been able to travel 4,500 miles from India, deploy here and operate in fairly harsh weather conditions with different air forces across the globe. And we've been able to execute fairly complex missions in a very short timeframe."

Echoing similar sentiments, Group Captain Pranav Raj, Commanding officer of squadron 7, Indian Air Force Battle axes said:

"It has been a great experience. We've learnt quite a bit when flying with participating nations. We've flown with F-18s, F-16s and carrying out the entire spectrum of air operations which are involved in terms of offensive and defensive counter-air missions and others. It's an exercise giving good exposure to the air and maintenance crew."

The exercise is scheduled from March 6 to 24.

The Exercise Cobra Warrior is a multilateral Air exercise in which Air Forces from Finland, Sweden, South Africa, the United States of America and Singapore are participating alongside the Royal Air Force and IAF.


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