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US gets first female Sikh judge Manpreet Monica Singh

On what was a historic day for Houston, Texas, Harris County Judge Manpreet Monica Singh, of Indian origin, became the first female Sikh judge in the US.

"Mama we made it! It is a 'true honor' to rep the people of Harris County as a Sikh civil court judge. Thank you to everyone for making this a historic moment, one that someday won't be an uncommon event - because there will be a judiciary that includes countless Sikh people and other minorities. I'm ready to put my 2 decades of experience to good use," wrote Manpreet Monica Singh in a Facebook post.

She was born and raised in Houston and now lives in Bellaire with her husband and two children. An attorney for 20 years, Monica has been involved in many civil rights organisations at the local, state and national levels.

Judge Ravi Sandill, the state's first South Asian judge, presided over the ceremony in a packed courtroom last Friday, reported ABC 13.

"It's a really big moment for the Sikh community," Sandill said adding, "When they see someone of colour, someone a little different, they know that possibility is available to them. Manpreet is not only an ambassador for Sikhs but also for all women of colour."


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