Vocal for Local & Local for Global: Indian PM Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while inaugurating the Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit on Thursday said that the country must focus now on Vocal for Local and Local for Global.

Speaking at the event, PM Modi said "India's special development has happened in the last few years. There was a population of the country that was deprived of everything. Now, due to the government's schemes, more than 13 crore people have come out of poverty in just 5 years. All these have given a boost to the economy. Today the country's consumption-based economy is moving forward rapidly. We have to become 'Vocal for local and local for global."

He further said that the major development works in the state have opened the doors for every investor.

"Today in Uttarakhand, work on village roads is going on at a very fast pace. That day is not far when the Delhi-Dehradun expressway travel time is about to be two hours. The rail line here is about to be strengthened. All these paths have brought golden opportunities for every investor. Areas that have lagged behind in development are being brought forward which means Uttarakhand has unmatched potential for every investor to reap maximum benefits. The state is going to emerge as a new brand of empowerment. There are possibilities here like nature, culture, heritage, Ayurveda, Yoga," PM Modi said.

He asserted that the third decade of the 21st century is the decade of Uttarakhand and all of you are also getting a huge opportunity to join this development journey of the state.

PM Modi also emphasized, "In my 3rd term as PM of the country, India will definitely be listed in the top 3 economies in the world."

Before inaugurating the summit, PM Modi held a roadshow in Dehradun and also inspected an exhibition at the venue of the Global Investors Summit 2023 in Dehradun.

"I have a vision to create Lakhpati Didi Abhiyan in which I want to make 2 crore rural women Lakhpati in the coming time. It is difficult but this summit will also help. I also want to tell all the business people to go to the districts of the state and identify the local products. It is time to strengthen this local supply chain, our system. We have to ensure that we are minimally dependent on other countries," he added.

He also stressed that the land of Uttarakhand, full of potential, is going to open many doors of investment for everyone.

"Uttarakhand is that state where you feel both dignity and development together. Today India is moving forward with the mantra of development and heritage. Today you will see policy-driven governance in the country. Aspirational India does not want instability. It wants a stable government. We have seen this in the recently held assembly elections," PM Modi said.

He also mentioned that just like Made in India is there, a 'Wed in India' movement should start.

"I especially want to tell the rich people of this country that why do you get married in a foreign country when you can do it here? Just like Make in India is happening, there should be a movement called 'Wed in India'," he added. (ANI)

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