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World Hindi Conference resolves to develop global reach

The 12th World Hindi Conference, at Nadi, Fiji has resolved to develop Hindi as a language of contact-dialogue among all citizens of the world who speak and know Hindi and are fond of it.

Representatives from India, Fiji and other countries at the conference were of the opinion that Indian knowledge tradition and other traditional knowledge systems should be integrated with modern information, knowledge and research techniques like artificial intelligence (AI).

Using this medium, it can reach a large population around the world, according to an official report on the 12th World Hindi Conference. Hindi can play an important role in providing an alternative civilisational vision based on cooperation, inclusion and coexistence to a world system based on competition. Along with this, representatives at the 12th World Hindi Conference were also of the opinion that the world market can be built on the civilizational vision of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' and the fulfilment of international needs 'Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin'.

Everyone is hopeful that this World Hindi Conference will be a "Hindi Mahakumbh" where people from all over the world can connect and will become a partner for the "global networking platform" in the subject of Hindi, Indian Minister S. Jaishankar said.

Addressing the closing ceremony at World Hindi Conference here, Jaishankar said, "I think everyone is hopeful that this conference will be a Mahakumbh of Hindi where people from all over the world will come. It will become a platform for a global networking platform in the subject of Hindi." "Our goal is how to make Hindi a world language and this conference becomes a platform where every Hindi lover can participate," he added.


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